29 Sep

A Virtual Memorial is a webpage honoring those that we loved and have died. The online page contains a photograph of the deceased, biographical information, and memories that they shared with their loved ones in the form of pictures and videos. Online memories can also host audio, videos, and any other thing that you would like to remember your loved one with. Normally when our loved ones pass away, the next of kin normally compose a newspaper tribute so that they can communicate the information with the rest of the people. Well, such notices are informative. However, such tributes don’t fully do justice to the life story of the departed. The newspaper obituary will only state the basic facts. 

The online memorials were introduced. This is a fresh way of communicating information about your loved ones after passing away. It is a special and beautiful way to memorize them as they were in life. There are many advantages why online memorials are important;You will have a centralized age for all the special memories. Online memorial pages are more personal, and they are important for creating a long-lasting and meaningful life story compared to the regular obituary. The online memorial offers a unique way that loved ones and friends can share their feelings, thoughts, and memories about the departed. It provides a single location where they can share information by posting pictures, videos, links, stories, and different activities that they supported when they were still alive.

Your loved ones life is special, therefore, their memories about how they lived their life should be crafted so that it can match the way they lived their life. Every person is unique; hence you can include every special memory that you shared with them. The beauty about this that you don’t have a computer expert so that you can be able to create an online memorial. As long as you can type and be able to upload files, then you are good to go; your memorial page can be online within a few minutes. Compared to newspaper obituaries, which are published in print for a few days, your online memorials can be there for many years and be an ongoing testament to your loved one’s life. Online memorials can be designed by family and friends over days, weeks, and months to come after the loss of your loved one. Friends and family can share messages of condolences and memories so that each person can view and appreciate the long, even after the passing on of someone you deeply cared about. If you feel there is a need to, you can link the Online Memorial Website  to social media sites so that other people can view and share their special life stories.

If your loved one has their photos kept somewhere in a box, you can digitize the old photos. By creating digital copies of the past photos, you will be able to safely preserve them. Also, when you make digital copies of family photos, you can also add them on the memorial page platform so that family and friends can enjoy them. Online memorials are a special way to keep the memories of our loved ones alive.

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